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MeD8 provides negotiation, communication and cultural intelligence training courses and mediation services for corporates, educators and families.

Enhance the health of your team environment across the organization - cure internal and external communication issues with our proven negotiation and communication tools, techniques and modules. Nurture your people by embedding a culture of dialogue and collaboration that transcends preconceived notions, past habits and cross cultural boundaries.

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Our Top Courses

Ultimate Communicator ™

This unique holistic training package embraces all our top courses of effective communication, art of negotiation, shadow negotiation and cultural intelligence.

Master your own communication abilities, elevate innate skills, deepen your knowledge and learn proven ways in successful persuasion across cultures.

The Art of Negotiation

Sharpen your negotiation methods to boost your relationships and interpersonal dealings.

Avoid misunderstandings and conflicts to reach effective mutual outcomes with our Harvard University interest based course.

Cultural Intelligence

Cultivate a dynamic cross-cultural work setting with a culturally intelligent workforce.

Learn how to cost effectively attract, retain, and engage top global professionals.

Team Building

Promote effective communication for team collaboration and success.

Strengthen bonds within a team setting and learn the tools required for effective relationships and conflict management.

Mediation Expertise

Successfully move from conflict to co-operation.

With the help of our professionally accredited mediators, utilise conflict resolution techniques to resolve difficult situations productively.

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