A blessed educational journey.

I was privileged and delighted to run another workshop for the amazing team of educators at the Blue house nursery & international preschool. I’ve known them for a few years, admiring their work with the children and mostly with the whole community. A special opportunity for me to share some of my tips and experience with them , allowing them to empower themselves to their best being.

What an honor ! Pure happiness to be inspired by this beautiful souls of dedicated educators.. shaping the new generation.


Thank you dear Nicole for your special testimonial!

“Blue House Nursery & International Preschool recently welcomed Dana Grossman from MeD8 to conduct an exercise with it’s team of educators, responsible for children in it’s programmes from 6 months to 6 years old.  Blue House’s educational team engage in on-going and lengthy dialogue with families, children and other educators, requiring a heightened sense of highly tuned interpersonal and communication skills.  Dana delivered an incredibly articulate and enjoyable workshop.  Her humor and candid nature really engaged our team from the onset, but what she delivers with a smile on her face is backed up by powerful research and insight.  Dana shared a number of key points of wisdom that have since been regularly and actively shared amongst our team and we are all better for it.  We cannot recommend Dana and MeD8 highly enough for their professionalism and depth of content partnered with a warm and friendly manner we can only looking forward to welcoming back to us again in future.”
Nicole Nguyen


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Dana Bachar Grossman

Dana Bachar Grossman founded Med8 in 2013 to promote the art of effective communication. The focus was to provide practical training and mediation services to streamline communication, reducing overhead costs, within organisation.

However, over time, partly due to her own growing family, she also recognised a need for Med8’s expertise within educational institutes and with parents and couples. 

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