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Ganit Poleg Spark

Director GPS Conflict Management Perth, Australia
Mediator, Principal Consultant and trainer

Ganit is director and principal consultant for GPS. She has significant international experience as a mediator, trainer and consultant.
Ganit's work covers a wide range of institutional settings, including working for clients such as Sun Microsystems, Conextant, Israeli Centre for Management, as well as government departments in Australia and Israel. Ganit has also worked in a variety of academic settings including as a consultant for the Executive Education Centre of Murdoch University and is a faculty member of "Shakla & Tariya", the first programme of its kind worldwide to certify Negotiation specialists.

About GPS - Finding Your Way in Conflict GPS specialises in providing high quality, skill enhancing training and consultancy services in Negotiation and Conflict Management for individuals and organisations. GPS focuses in empowering individuals and organisations to deal with conflict early and effectively. Since 1999, GPS and partners have provided services to a variety of private and public organisations around the world.

Yona Shamir

Founder and Director of ICNM

Jonathan M Kowarsky

Academic Director of ICNM

Both Yona and Jonathan were pioneers in bringing mediation to Israel and over the last 18 years they have built up extensive and impressive international negotiation mediation and training experience having worked with numerous international governmental and non governmental institutions, academic institutions, multinational organisations such as UNESCO as well as corporates such as Ernst & Young, L’Oreal, SanDiks, Teva Pharm and Comers.

The courses and workshops ICNM regularly conduct for their numerous and varied clients include business negotiation, multiparty negotiation, negotiation via e-mail and telephone, basic communication, dialogue for organizational conflict, negotiation and mediation skills as a managerial tool, inter-cultural negotiation, basic mediation and mediation for planners and managers of natural resources.

The Israel Center for Negotiation and Mediation (ICNM) is committed to change the social climate and culture of dealing with conflict in Israel society, through the improvement of conflict resolution skills in the areas of negotiation, mediation, facilitation and cooperative decision making in the public and private sectors in Israel and the region. The approach is comprehensive, including training, seminars, conferences and consulting. ICNM is committed to academic and professional research, training and high quality education.

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