Corporate Training

Empowering you to your best negotiation abilities

Do you maximise your team effectiveness?

Do you find inner conflicts are affecting your team productivity?

Are there members of your organisation that constantly create work place conflicts?

Our training provides you and your company powerful solutions for a more unified and open communication setting. Foster an individual and team environment that promotes positive interaction and brings together different cultures and backgrounds.

Poor and ineffectual communication, negotiation and mediation can lead to a break down within individuals and teams, which can negatively affect productivity and the bottom line. It can even, in some instances, lead to high cost disputes.

With an ever changing business environment, we all face conflict situations that require specialist communication and negotiation skills. Our expert trainers give you the right tools to manage issues effectively and create long term relationships, trust and solutions that help avoid disputes in the first place or resolve them when they occur.

Our business courses are:

All our courses are:

Delivered in a high energy, hands-on practical and fun format

Designed using exercises, simulations and real life examples that give you the practical skills you need to succeed

Led by international experts skilled in negotiation and mediation

Crafted to give your team the ability to dive deep into real life work challenges in a safe and open environment

Followed-up afterwards to ensure key learnings are being implemented and changes are being instigated

Created to equip your team with common values

Each course is tailored to include the specific aspects you require, so please do chat to us about your precise needs.

We also provide Mediation expertise in the event of conflict. Our professionally accredited mediators will help you successfully move from disagreement to co-operation and reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

***Course fees for our programmes qualify for the Productivity and Innovation (PIC) scheme.  You can get significant tax deductions or non-taxable cash pay-outs , as well as PIC Bonus, for the amounts spent on providing training for your employees. Contact your advisor for more details.

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