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Communication and Conflict Workshop

Do your educators find communicating and retaining the attention of your students a challenge?

Would you like to enrich your toolbox for positive team work?

Do you find it frustrating engaging with demanding parents effectively?

Educating and interacting with children and parents daily is challenging. Our specialised courses will help you achieve a reflective but practical understanding of how to navigate the key issues in educational communication and management. Learn the core skills that you need to handle the ongoing communication demands within your role and create alignment across your whole team of educators.

Become an educational force by building lasting trust within your class, team and community. Understand how to nurture a healthy inclusive atmosphere in lessons and engaging parents to support you. Foster a learning environment that enables students to feel safe and appreciated, helping them to confidently thrive in their endeavours.

Our workshops will help you:

Handle difficult communication situations

Embrace the tools you need to deal with difficult or aggressive students and parents

Navigate issues of bullying

Understand the behaviour of the bully and how it serves them. Suggest healthier habits to replace their conduct

Effectively resolve issues

Learn the art of positive disagreement for healthy discussions within the classroom and beyond

Be a role model

Set an example by demonstrating the art of negotiation and mastering dialogue

Handle peer pressure

Explore ways of dealing with anxiety and tension amongst students

Manage conversations

Navigate best practice to engage with students successfully

To begin your journey: