We believe it is important for our kids to grow up feeling safe, loving themselves and celebrating themselves in any way they choose. They should be confident to share their ideas openly anywhere whilst respecting diversity, and embracing the world around them with love and care

Is trust a top priority for your family?

Do you find communicating with your children frustrating sometimes?

Would you like to reduce arguments and tension within your home?

Healthy and open communication is paramount in building lasting trust and a solid foundation which everyone in the family will acknowledge and respect. Learning how to control emotions safely and teaching your kids to do the same will help manage arguments effectively and even avoid them. Throughout life, children experience a rollercoaster of emotions, especially during puberty.

We will help you to handle it with care at every stage with a unified parenting approach. We deal with individual concerns and those amongst siblings, giving you and your partner the tools to successfully embed a foundation for balanced communication across the whole family.

Our Life Vest Parents workshop is a safe environment that uses valuable tools to promote a healthier and calmer environment in your home life.

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