Finding my purpose at the age of 42… It’s never too late.

4 years ago I discovered I'm pregnant. for the first time, I was worried while celebrating... I had my other baby, my company, just 1-year-old at the time...on top of my 3 boys at home. What will happen to my business? I wanted another child and felt very fortunate to have him. Yet, I didn't expect my emotions to get super distracted by it...

Time went by, my baby (the human one) started kindergarten, and I had the emotional capacity again to focus on my BB (business baby). I decided to renew my website so I can add on new services and words of wisdom I’ve gathered in the last few years. Among all these beautiful tasks, I chose to sit down and understand who am I now? whats my true and pure purpose in this world? why have I come here? whats my drive in life?

My beautiful friend Dalia Feldhaim helped me to dive into a powerful and emotional ocean, fishing out my most important life-shaping events, coming up back to the sea level with wisdom and a clear vision of my destiny.

My dearest friends helped me to understand what my friendship means to them, how I support them as human beings? and surprisingly enough, their main points were identical to my main themes in life.

Hours into the process, writing, crying, laughing and feeling very great full for my self-discovery journey, I came up with my meaningful purpose:

Who I am

For nearly 25 years I’ve been training people, kids and families. This is my passion and my drive. I want to simplify life for those around me, and I noticed I have the ability to see the reality as it is, yet bring a fresh optimistic view to any situation and clarify it for optimum resolution.

I chose to become a mediator over a lawyer for the exact same reason- I believe with all my heart that there is always a better way to communicate and move forward from the conflict without escalation. Sometimes it’s all about learning how to agree to disagree…. I enable people to see the others point of view and focus on the tiny bit of common ground to allow their relationships to overcome any barriers and move forward despite any fear, frustration or lack of belief.

I believe empathy is a centric tool for life. Empathy is being able to emotionally read and understand other people’s point of view, even if you disagree with it. Once we act with empathy- we create a common ground and a basis for healthier and effective dialogue.

My purpose is hence to awaken empathy for people to be their best self and inspire others. Like raindrops on a lake, the ripples of goodness expand, and together we impact more and more human beings around us to brighten our world.

It’s as simple as that.

And the best way is to teach you to fish vs fishing for you. Hence MeD8 was established to give you the tools needed so you can handle current and future disputes yourself without the need to depend on a facilitator. I believe we all have extraordinary natural abilities that sometimes need a shakeup.

That’s MeD8 mission- to show you the best in you to become a more empathetic communicator for the greater good of each of us and our community as a whole.

Thank you for reading and bless you to be who you are, with full awareness, intention and heart.


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Dana Bachar Grossman

Dana Bachar Grossman founded Med8 in 2013 to promote the art of effective communication. The focus was to provide practical training and mediation services to streamline communication, reducing overhead costs, within organisation.

However, over time, partly due to her own growing family, she also recognised a need for Med8’s expertise within educational institutes and with parents and couples. 

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