Inner family conflict anyone ???

My son came to the table this morning, wearing his school uniform, covered with mad stains…
I’ve pointed that out nicely and asked if i can help bring him a new pair to change.
“no” he said “nobody sees it. nobody cares ”
“I do” i answered. “i think its better you go clean and tidy to school, for your own good feeling”
“no, no need” he continued “its easier this way”..
Well, i was hungry, – 1st mistake
We had 7 min before the bus comes, time pressure – 2nd mistake
“I can’t believe you don’t care!, after we pay so much money for school and uniforms! ” I lost my temper…”just change it and let me wash it!”
And then it was his turn to loose it “leave me alone! I want to go like this!”
My husband that moment realized there is a total miscommunication, both of us hungry, both of us totally blind to each others needs…
Me- the grown up- behaving like a teenager :((((
What do you think he could have done to help us?
Will let you know what he actually did later
In photo: K. love of my life and me, no uniform thank god !

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