Kids and business, can you really do it all?

MeD8 supports entrepreneurs managing and balancing their personal and professional journey. Have you ever wondered how do moms do it all? Taking care of their kids, their homes, moving from country to another, and on top of it run a real business!

I had the great pleasure to interview Dana Bachar, mom of 4 boys, lawyer and founder of the mediation firm MeD8.  She shared some great nuggets to make it work by avoiding getting overwhelmed and feeling out of control.

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As Dana said: “When children are small, just focus on doing what you can. Also, make sure to reach out for help, build a good support system and include your partner! Don’t worry about slowing down, take the time to be with your children when they need you most. However, prepare well and build true relationships, that way your contacts and clients will be there for you when you are ready to commit to your business”.

Dana shared many more great insights like these, including how to announce the pregnancy and maternity leave to clients and partners.

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Med8 has established itself as one of the leading negotiation, training and mediation organisations in Singapore and across its wide network of international affiliates in Australia, Hong Kong and Israel.

Dana Bachar Grossman

Dana Bachar Grossman founded Med8 in 2013 to promote the art of effective communication. The focus was to provide practical training and mediation services to streamline communication, reducing overhead costs, within organisation.

However, over time, partly due to her own growing family, she also recognised a need for Med8’s expertise within educational institutes and with parents and couples. 

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