We believe parenting is the most demanding role on earth and can be strenuous, therefore, we feel that it is always good to have our ‘life vest’ in hand.

A “Life Vest” Parents Workshop

Does your family struggle to communicate effectively with each other?

Do you need to reconnect emotionally with your children or partner?

Do you need to realign the emotional energy in your home?

Learn how to provide a supportive family setting and navigate your children’s issues of disappointment, anger, jealousy, attention, frustration or negative feelings. Whether individual or sibling concerns, understand how to handle disagreements, misunderstandings and broken or harsh relationships with balanced communication.

Our “Life Vest” Parents workshop will help you to:

Find the root

Understand what’s holding you back from communicating effectively within your family

Build and maintain trust

Employ key tips for healthy dialogue and handling conflict

Break unhealthy routines

Avoid assumptions in your day to day interactions

Find the middle path

Lead your children to share ideas, focus on the mutual ones, and find the middle way that best serves everyone

This workshop helps you and your partner to align your parenting approach and establish a common ground. Our workshop is a safe environment for parents that uses valuable tools to promote effective communication in your home life.

To begin your journey: