Our first radio broadcast… Dana on 93.8 Live – First part

Early Saturday morning, my family still asleep and I’m heading to the radio station 938Live for an interview.  The programme ‘You and the Law’ is on every Saturday morning, with Keith De Souza, and it’s time to share with the audience ‘The Art of Mediation’.   Keith and I had a very open talk, trying to create a clear picture of the alternatives that exist for the pulic in Singapore and in the region.  I’ve shared some true stories in order to demonstrate the different benefits of mediation over litigation and other alternatives.

You are most welcome to listen and i hope you find the information beneficial and helpful.


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Med8 has established itself as one of the leading negotiation, training and mediation organisations in Singapore and across its wide network of international affiliates in Australia, Hong Kong and Israel.

Dana Bachar Grossman

Dana Bachar Grossman founded Med8 in 2013 to promote the art of effective communication. The focus was to provide practical training and mediation services to streamline communication, reducing overhead costs, within organisation.

However, over time, partly due to her own growing family, she also recognised a need for Med8’s expertise within educational institutes and with parents and couples. 

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