My small steps in my surrender experiment…

Michael A. Singer devoted his whole life to surrender. Surrender to the flow of life itself. In his extraordinary books he describes it so simply, presenting life itself as the true and ultimate leader of our life. And therefore, once we choose to trust her, and put our own preferences, likes and dislikes aside, we are being guided to the best place for us. It is a bit like going back to basics - be humble and accept the fact that life knows more: life is the professional. So it makes perfect sense to follow her and learn from her, humbly, purely, in good times and in more challenging times.

We took our kids to Australia for a family reunion. We booked the flights and a car in advance and all was ready for the family trip. It was only two weeks before that my sister reached out and said we probably needed a bigger car, as the trailer they had won’t be big enough for all of our equipment… well, we tried changing the car order, but it turned out that we had booked a fixed price special deal we could not change: take it or leave it.

As i saw it in that moment, i had at least three choices: one way was to panic, argue with the car rental company, argue with my sister and end up frustrated with the same small car; the second way was simpler – rent an extra car and pay double; and the third way was to give in to the flow of life and see where it took us… we chose the third option.

The time came to take the flight to sydney. When we arrived at the airport we were told by the car rental agent they are very sorry that they didn’t have the car model we had reserved and had to upgrade us to a bigger model… life herself had taken care of it for us. By letting go and surrendering to life’s force and flow , we ended up with the best car ever !

Three days later we left sydney towards “Seal Rocks” park for camping. The drive took longer than we planned and we entered the park quite late. After driving around the campo site, The camping slots seemed all full and the camping management said they don’t assign a specific slot to each family… again we had at least three options right? One way was to argue with them, blaming each other for arriving late and spoil the camping spirit before we even started camping…second way was to leave the campsite and find another location… the third way was to calm down and surrender to the power of life and see what she had planned for us. And we chose to do so.

We drove slowly around the whole park, even though some of the areas looked a bit remote from the main facilities. And there it was – a circle of grass among the other tents, waiting just for us. Only one the day later we realised how amazingly we were seated in the park… 2 min walk from the sand dunes, 1 min walk from the kitchen and facilities and the coffee palace (for my addicted family members) and in a safe distant from the woods … again life itself took care of things. Testing our ability to let go, maintain our inner peace and keeping our minds open and receptive.

The next unexpected help from life happened on our last day of the trip. We took all the kids to watch the new movie “How to train your dragon 3- the unknown world” (how symbolic ha?)

When i asked my sister if we have any granola bars left at home, for me to take for the flight. She said there aren’t any bars left, and we agreed to go to buy some bars after the movie finishes. And then, seriously out of the blue, on the way into the cinema, near the lady who was checking the tickets, stood a huge bucket full of hundreds of granola bars… no branding nor advertisement… just standing there for us to grab as many as we wish for free. We asked for it and life made it happen! Just like that…

How great it is to identify those moments and believe someone, a true master is actually taking care of us? Knowing better and greater planning ahead the big picture, guiding us accordingly? It might sound naive to some of you. I find it miraculous ! truly wonder and a blessing.

It’s not necessarily easy to let go. There is a voice in our heads telling us constantly to do this or that and simply doesn’t stop talking… Michael A. Singer describe it in his masterpiece “The Surrender Experiment” book as a constant voice that speaks, listens and answers for us. Simply constant noise.

All we can do is practice to identify this moments, quite our inner voice down and surrender. Practice, practice, practice brings perfection. In that case the perfection of surrender and enjoy the life flow energy and direction.

Thank you for reading my heart, and I welcome all of you to practice the art of surrender, the art of identifying those moments and clues,  master it and spread the wisdom in case you are way ahead of me.

With love and gratitude to life herself.


The Author is OMG – Owning My Growth 🙂

A Founder and Director of MeD8,  International mediator, Lawyer, International keynote speaker, Chief Mum Officer of 4 super boys & a hubbie, a conflict coach and a corporate executive trainer.

1 thought on “My small steps in my surrender experiment…”

  1. Dana dearest, I truly admire your ways and the ability to summon the good in your favour.
    Cheers sister! Love and adore you…

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