Serenity now!

Mr. Costanza's powerful life principal resonates deeply...

A few years back, I was lucky to go on an unfamiliar adventure, relocating from my home country with my core family. This move brought (and still does as I’m writing this article) lots of growing opportunities to my doorstep, a pile of colorful significant lessons both mentally, physically and most important spiritually.

My life was shaken like never before. I experienced peaks like never before. Peaks of joy and flourish, peaks of uncertainty and fear, and a few very low ones, those who nearly locked my soul in a very deep dark hall…

This wild relocation journey literally challenged me to search for ways to learn profoundly about myself, my strengths and forte alongside my weak points and weakening habits. I crystallized my natural born gifts and found my way to make the best possible with it in the world…in a way, not letting myself down due to some challenging aspects of my personality.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned we are all the actual creators of our own reality. Growing our awareness of the power of our thoughts, words and intentions, allows us to design our desired life- desired set of beliefs and actions. Tony Robbins says where focus goes- energy flows… so true and simple. It is my duty to train my brain to look for the things I want and desire, rather than drift uncontrolled to look for things I fear or dislike.

My recent lesson was the simple blessing of patience. Or in Dr Michael Singer’s words: the blessed habit of surrender,  letting go and allow a stronger force, the force of life, lead the course of events.

We’ve been renting our home back in our home country since we moved. Super lucky with beautiful caring tenants who took care of it and stayed for a long term. A dream come true of every landlord. This past July, our current tenants were supposed to move to their own home after 3 years with us. We published the house for rent, but nothing worked. 20 families came to view the house and none of them even called back. For the first time in 8 years, we couldn’t sign up a new lease…

* as you know, July is an excellent month in the real estate market as most families are looking to move during the summer break from school, and our hourglass was running out of sand…

At that time, our tenants asked to stay during the whole month of August, and we agreed, happy to have another month of rent, unhappy to miss on new tenants potential…

And so it continued… People came to view but never called back for further discussion. At one point I felt it’s probably our tenant’s strong will to stay in our house as their new home wasn’t ready yet… And hence,  I was wasting my time, energy and worry for no good reason. Once they would let go, knowing their new home was ready, the energy circle of the house would open up and the right person for it would show up.

I cleared my mind and practised my healing and meditation to clear any obstacles I might still holding with regards to the house… Surprisingly my mum was the one adding on more pressure, to the point I had to tell her to stay out of it, that I believed the right tenant would come when the current one would be worry-free, and move out willingly rather than forced by the contract.

And it happened…
In October we were told the tenant’s new home was ready and they were moving out. The following week 3 families wanted to sign the contract and move in 🙂 one family did.

Patience, patience, patience

A funny and potentially nerve-wracking game, but so worth it. Staying loyal to my values, not forcing anyone to leave, being tuned to the bigger picture and energy, humbly allowing the events to take their precise time. Their own right pace.

The blessed simplicity of surrender…my personal lesson of embracing the pace of events rather than force them.


Thank you all for taking the time and read 🙂

Enjoy your own special spiritual journey and have a good laugh with Seinfeld – serenity now !!


Dana Bachar Grossman


The Author is an OMG – Owning My Growth

Founder and Director of MeD8,  International mediator, Lawyer, International keynote speaker, Chief Mum Officer of 4 super boys & a hubby, a conflict coach and a corporate executive trainer.

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