Shadow Negotiation

Dealing with hidden agendas and cracking the secret of influence

Do you recognise hidden agenda situations in the negotiation process?

Are you asking the right questions to fish out the unsaid information?

Do you find multi-party set-ups in negotiation a challenge?

To be successful at negotiating, you need to understand the shadow factors that affect the relationship of all the parties involved - assumptions, feelings, stereotypes and perceptions, as well as the hidden agendas that are rarely addressed directly.

All negotiation is carried out at two levels:

  • The level of substance which are the issues on the table
  • The hidden level of interpersonal communication that takes place , and the interplay of conflicting interests and personal styles, determining how the process will move forward

Our Shadow Negotiation workshop will help you:

Sharpen your insight during the process

Have a deeper understanding of how to elicit and address the ‘shadow’ world of negotiation

Build a greater sense of self-confidence

Equip your business with techniques to approach negotiations successfully

Implement best practice to enhance influence

Adopt key tools for better mindfulness, investigation, process preparation and reflection

Embed your behaviour

Make your new habits part of your daily life

Challenge your preconceived notions about successful negotiating in our two day Shadow Negotiation workshop.

To begin your journey: