The Art of Negotiation

We believe strong negotiation abilities reward your organisation with long lasting relationships. These abilities allow you to avoid conflicts and reach a common ground.

Do you sometimes find it hard to collaborate with clients or team members?

Do you often find that your needs and interests are ignored in challenging situations?

Would you like the negotiation process to be easier?

Negotiation is a life skill that creates and maintains healthy relationships, mutual trust and impact your outcomes. It is central to every professional and personal activity and lies at the centre of all your daily interactions with your colleagues, suppliers and acquaintances.

Our Harvard University interests based course will push you to a higher level of negotiation, cost-effectively expand your toolbox as a communicator and boost your ability to reach a win-win solution.

Our Art of Negotiation workshop will help you:

Construct a professional negotiation framework

Learn a proven structure in preparing for negotiation and building mutual trust

Enlarge your pie of solutions

Understand the needs of all parties, market standards, criteria and options on the negotiation table

Use communication as a strategic tool

Practice different techniques to establish communication and maintain it in stressful situations, avoid assumptions and manage expectations

Deal with difficult people and situations

Enhance active listening, identify and focus on mutual values and determine when to form or block coalitions

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