The FIGT conference

Families in global transition conference, The Hague, The Netherlands.

The FIGT conference was the most enlightening and embracing conference I’ve ever been to…
An impressive vast of knowledge shared by global professionals, inspiring personal stories with powerful lessons aside them, pure desire and intention to support each other and create a community that shares the same attributes, needs, desires, fears, growth and love for life.
I came for my own personal mummy needs… no business desire of any kind. Pure and open.
I was truly present in any conversation, getting to know the blessed people I was so lucky to meet. I talked about my family, our journey, my journey, with no work intention in my mind or in my heart. And it was worthy 😍😍😍
I was able to enjoy and learn in every single minute, look and observe at the culture and behavior of my conference peers, my current and most important my future global tribe fellows ❤️
I was overwhelmed in a positive way by the experience and the depth of the researches going on for decades… humble I am today to be a true fresh student in the faculty of global transition ! Amen !!
On the last day of the conference I was so ignited with energy – I think I literally radiant during my lecture 🙏🏻
I’m proud to join it, proud to share my small piece of knowledge and experience and proud of the beautiful feedback I’ve happily received )
Proud of my hubby taking care of our 4 beautiful boys and proud of them to make it without me 😂
What a conference !!!!
Bless you all and looking forward to keep in touch and see you next year in my current back yard – Asia 😍
That’s me, Dana ,
Israeli by birth,
Asian by love for food,
Brazilian by dance desire,
Shrinking minority in my own core family (4 boys+ hubby),
Peace maker,
Happy and grateful for what the universe has brought to my door step 

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