Ultimate Communicator ™- comprehensive package

Unleash the powerful secrets of influence, communication, cultural intelligence and successful negotiation

Ultimate Communicator ™

Do you find yourself wasting precious time on unnecessary misunderstandings?

Do you frequently need to influence the behaviour and decision making of peers, reports and superiors and take part in negotiations?

Do you need to refresh and adopt new negotiation habits to positively impact your bottom line?

This comprehensive package of our top courses embraces all aspects of effective communication, the art of negotiation, shadow negotiation and cultural intelligence.

In the ever-changing business environment, the ability to influence is crucial. We all face conflict situations that require specialist communication and negotiation skills to ideally avoid or resolve them. Our training provides a cost-effective solution for your company to implement a more cohesive and open setting, reducing future high cost disputes and bringing together different cultures and backgrounds.

Our Ultimate Communicator™ package consists of our four main modules. The comprehensive process is designed to empower and cultivate your team’s business abilities and work habits. Introducing a thorough set of tools, skills and knowledge, attendees will learn how to become Ultimate Communicators™. They will be equipped to effectively connect to reach common ground and agreements, and enable smooth dialogue both within the organisation and externally with clients, suppliers and partners.

Each module builds the skills to elevate your team to a higher level of understanding and expertise using the power of communication. They will master the ability to handle and manage any situation they encounter, even if it escalates. Their capacity to create the best outcome from any situation will provide a more dynamic and cohesive work environment that will ultimately benefit your bottom line.

Our Ultimate Communicator™ workshop will help you:

Structure preparations

Understand how to competently analyse and evaluate situations

Implement successful communication tools

Strategically use the correct tools, even in complex situations, to proficiently manage dynamics and enhance influence whilst creating mutual value

Navigate cultural issues

Detect cultural shifts, modifying global business models accordingly and creating innovation within diverse networks

Build a more inclusive work setting

Attract, retain and engage top global professionals with a cohesive and dynamic team environment

Negotiate successfully

Positively create enhanced solutions, even in the face of diverse perspectives, skills and experience

To begin your journey: